Contours Series

Originally inspired by Moorish tiles of the 14th-16th centuries, this series is contemporary as well as sensual and exotic. The clean contours of the rims are accentuated and contrast against a palette of blues, greens, browns, and earthy reds as well as cool tones of white, charcoal and black.

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seaside sgraffito

A new series of sgraffito pottery with seaside motifs for an easy, breezy summer house refreshing. Plates are available in diameters ranging from 10" to 24"

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Raku is a firing technique perfected in 16th century Japan and the results are often lustrous and surprising. The process will often cause a piece to explode or develop large "body cracks" which are highly prized as characteristic of traditional Raku pottery.

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contemporary designs

This grouping consists of pieces to enhance any modern decor with simple, thoughtful ceramic choices.

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Bottle vases

For that single red rose these are shapes and glazes that harken back to forms I did in the early 70s. See more of them under "raku"

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Pit firings

A great dynamic process, bisque pieces are placed in a large pit then covered with organic materials, wood and combustibles. Then set ablaze, covered and left to burn out. The resulting colors are spontaneous and likened to gazing into the cosmos. Please note that these pieces are neither water tight nor food safe.

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A line of fine, contemporary ceramics with a Japanese sensibility, each piece is hand thrown from one piece of clay, available in colors from black, white or gun metal to exotic colors such as lapis, turquoise or celadon.

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Large scale pieces

Large size bowls may be commissioned. The ones shown here are 20"-24" in diameter.

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Lilianna Vases

These striking pieces have contrasting bands in the body to enhance the rims and unify the design. The upper portions are manipulated in various patterns that evoke both the modern and the exotic. Named for the daughter of my niece, this series is a special favorite of mine.

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Mini Bottles & Egg Crates

A series of scaled miniatures of ancient pottery such as Greek amphorae and Ming vases, this group has morphed into small bottle forms anywhere from 1/2 inch to 4 inches tall. Available in various colors,forms and sizes specific to your needs.

Eggs are the origin of life bought by the dozen in any convenience store., an interesting dichotomy to contemplate! My ceramic egg crates are fashioned from recycled ones and look as real as the originals! Filled with hand thrown mini bottles these art pieces are ready to go by the dozen or half dozen.

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This series is an exploration of our relationship to the cosmos. As the Hudson River painters of the 19th and early 20th centuries wallowed in our smallness in comparison to the enormity of Nature, these miniature pieces evoke the power of the universe concentrated into a small piece of clay. (think of the final scene of "Men in Black)

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